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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Journal of Austin Series, Part 1: The City - Urban Landscapes

above image by Meghann Sumner

Photo Journal of Austin Series, Part 1: The City - Urban Landscapes
The next few postings will be a Photo Journal Series of Austin - as recorded by friends (and film collaborators), Meghann Sumner (camera dept) and Luke Bruehlman (prod/writer/dir). Luckily for me, they are also both aspiring still photographers with quite nice cameras, so I have had my pic of intriguing photos to document the exploration of our new town. Sadly, i am always jealous that I am not holding a slick camera of my own, so I scrap around (just like a director) trying to convince them to shoot my framings - they usually opt to continue with their own inspirations, slightly annoyed, and reminding me that we are not on set - and somehow it always comes out for the better - hmm. Both, now shooting regularly, have a natural eye and keen ascetic sensibilities, but are quite unique from one another - both are just a few prime lenses away from taking the big leap, so i think you will enjoy their images. I also should note that most of these images are in their original form (i nabbed them pretty quickly after the shoots), so have yet to pass through the tedious eye of post production.

Meghann Sumner:
Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Still photographer - and good friend to
boy in a box. You can follow the links below to her blogs, which should be updated shortly with a photography portfolio and a link to her website.

Luke Bruehlman: Producer (um, of my last and next film), Writer (with impeccable wit), Director (so he tells me - haha), and, now, Still Photographer... This man also speaks damn near fluent Japanese and does a bit of acting and music on the side - where will it end... Follow the link below to his blog, though i am not sure how regularly he posts.

Images by Meghann Sumner:

Images by Luke Bruehlman:

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