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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Albino Squirrel Eating Some Nuts - Motion Image of Intrigue

Just follow the link to maniac world and enjoy. Now, i must explain - i typically have quite abhorrent sentiments toward the you-tube culture of culture-lessness and the mind-numbing amount of time that is spent zapping our brains away as a collective group. So, I first and foremost must apologize with a guilty conscience for posting this and playing an active role in the mumble-media cycle - but just this once. Hence, I usually turn a blind eye and refuse to participate when friends are clustered around the computer giggling endlessly at some car salesman from Fife, Alabama, and then repeating it 10 more times (i truly don't understand). Though i thoroughly respect the innovation and potential of you-tube as a concept, i am bewildered by the infinite supply of aimless, unapologetic, amateur media that absorbs the attention of the masses as of recent years (an unfortunate byproduct) - so, i usually simply refuse to watch. Final note: free and uncensored outlet for independent media exhibition - good! / mind-numbing, pointless, refuse of home videos and untalented exhibitionism reminiscent of Idiocracy (dir. by Mike Judge, based out of Austin, by the way), and those that perpetuate it - Bad! With all of that being said, haha, the link will take you to one of the most inexplicably entertaining videos that i have viewed in recent years, and I watch a lot of film and media. Of course, the entertainment value may have something to do with the fact that i am somewhat obsessed with Squirrels and anything albino. So, maybe just watch if you share this unique duel interest - Enjoy.

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