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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SXSW Film Festival Update: Feature Documentary - American: The Bill Hicks Story

American: The Bill Hicks Story. directed by Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas.
This is one of many intrigues among the accepted films for SXSW Film Festival 2010, which has been in action since March 12 and will wrap up in a few days. SXSW is one of the premier film festivals in the US, and perhaps my personal favorite in regard to independent integrity, though I have yet to attend. There is, of course, the accompanying independent music showcase which alone is well worth the trip to the republic of Texas. The reason that I have yet to comment on the festival, individual screenings, and premiers is based solely on personal bitterness - I had long planned on being in Austin for this years festival and, unfortunately, things did not work out. I have not quite recovered from the disappointment - nothing better than a week of independent film and music to inspire the mind and creative flow.

Check out the links within the text for more info on SXSW Film Festival and Music Showcase. The festival website is thorough and interesting, with full info., stills, and trailers for the films screening.
So many of the screenings, by write-up and trailer, look extraordinary, and in the purest spirit of independent film. Please, explore some of the films further. Festivals, particularly of this caliber, serve as the greatest means of exhibition and our window into the world's most interesting, innovative, and heartfelt cinema.

Note: Bill Hicks is a longtime hero of mine and one of the funniest, most insightful (and raging) social/political comedians of our time. He was a philosopher and a preacher, with comedy as his tool, all too often agitated by sharing wisdom with (what he perceived as) ingrates and simpletons. I will explore the madness and genius of Bill Hicks in future posts.

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