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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Neil Young - Le Noise - The Film

Neil Young recently released his latest album, Le Noise, along with an accompanying 38 minute black & white film. Directed by Adam Vollick, the film features live performance of the full album recorded at the studios of Daniel Lanois in L.A. The film officially debuted in late September, but you can watch it online - just follow the link above (embed html was blocked, but it will link you to the film). I've also embedded the video short, doc style intro that covers Neil on the day of the premier.

Note: the album itself can be streamed online at NPR's First Listen.

All of this information can also be found by visiting Neil's Garage at neilyoung.com.


Midnight Screening said...

Just saw this man play 'Heart of Gold' with a harmonica and guitar at the same time... Great voice, great song. Amazing to see him still playing at 65! Thanks for the hint to this new film

tod gorman said...

Thanks for the comment. I have seen him twice live and one was solo in Nashville - one of my most memorable musical experiences. The new film is really good, but if you have not seen the Jarmusch directed film of Neil on tour from the 90's (can't remember the title off hand), you should check it out. Thanks for keeping up with my blog. I've been visiting and enjoying your blog as well.