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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boy in a Box: A return from hiatus... now from Austin, TX

above photo by Meghann Sumner - McKinney Falls State Park

Well, alright then. It has been quite a while indeed, and to my loyal readers (i think i know most of you by name, haha) i send my apologies for denying you the exquisite exposure and insight into the media arts that i typically offer... and i know that you have become accustomed to... ha - but, in all seriousness, i have been quite remiss in my blogging as of recent and am very happy to return. I have truly missed the blog world (finally becoming a faithful believer in the potential of independent communicative outlets of this sort) not just from the perspective of my own postings, but i have greatly missed the insight and unique information/inspiration that i draw from other blogs of interest (reference my "blogs of interest" list). I am anxious to catch up with some of my favorites and, of course, borrow a few ideas (as always in our fields of interest).
I have so many good bits and pieces to post that have collected over the past month (mostly sent by friends and colleagues), as well as a fresh, new, proactive film community to explore - and a unique city that i am completely charmed by. I have no doubt that i will focus quite a bit of energy to the Austin Film community (AFS), production, and events (as well as Austin music events) in upcoming postings. I will also dedicate more time to the exposure of independent artists, studios, musicians, exhibitions, etc. As we all know, one must write and explore what is true and real to there subjective experience in film, art, literature, etc. (this is where we find truth, so says Thoreau), so why not in blogging.
However, this is not to say that i will neglect the broader interests within the world of cinema, media, and music. I am quite anxious to catch up on film festival news world wide, and i will share posts of interest from the major festivals as well as smaller, innovative, or noteworthy festivals such as Cucalorus in wilmington, nc, which wrapped this past week (yes, i do have friends and respected colleagues that serve integral roles in operating this fest, but, with all honesty, it is a truly unique and quality mid-size film fest that is worthy of its buzz).
Some of the upcoming posts will expose you to some intriguing independent artists of note - beginning with arkhive. photography and framing by bts, currently out of Brooklyn, and followed up by portfolio photos of installation thesis work completed in NY by Matt Braun (as promised over a month ago) - sorry, once again.
I have also had the pleasant chance to screen a few of the films from my "films of interest" list in recent weeks, such as Antichrist, Dogtooth, Waiting for Superman, Toy Story 3, etc. - and it has been a good run - i know I'm a bit behind the curve on most of these, but all of them deserve high regards within their respective intent and inspire further contemplation and study. Dogtooth was particularly effective and intense as a screening experience, so I will certainly be posting further info and commentary on these films. One of the most thrilling aspects, from a purely cinephile perspective, of the transition to Austin is the infinite access to exhibition of original, independent, and cutting edge cinema - thanks Drafthouse, Austin Film Society, Art House, UT, etc.
The first few postings will be a Photo Journal Series of Austin as recorded by friends and film collaborators, Meghann Sumner (camera dept) and Luke Bruehlman (prod/writer/dir). Luckily for me, they are both aspiring still photographers as well, with quite nice cameras, so I have had my pic of intriguing photos to document the exploration of our new town. Sadly, i am always jealous that I am not holding a quality camera of my own, so I scrap around (just like a director) trying to convince them to shoot my framings - they usually opt to continue with their own inspirations, slightly annoyed and reminding me that we are not on set, and it somehow always comes out for the better, hmm. Both are shooting regularly, have a natural eye, and keen ascetic sensibilities, but are quite unique from one another - both are just a few prime lenses away from taking the big leap, so i think you will enjoy their images.

That's all for now - just wanted to intro back in and offer some information about upcoming posts. Enjoy - i am glad to be back.

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