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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stephen Colbert Has Some Advice for Republicans Looking for the Youth Vote - Gawker Video

Hilarious and Disturbing - 06/16/2011 from Gawker
If there's one big advantage that Barack Obama has over his Republican counterparts, it's the youth vote. Which is why Kenneth del Vecchio, a former New Jersey judge, created a pro-life horror movie called The Life Zone in an attempt to attract younger, conservative voters. On tonight's Report, Stephen Colbert took del Vecchio's idea and explained how other Republicans could take advantage of it.

Thanks to my brother's slightly unhealthy fascination with Gawker (understood, honestly) for this video and quite a few other hilarious posts.

Follow the Link for the Video:  Gawker - Stephen Colbert Has Some Advice for Republicans Looking for the Youth Vote - Video

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today's Total Eclipse Of The Moon: How To Watch - NPR News Blog

Those of us in North America won't be able to see it happen "live," but if all goes well we can catch a webcast of what's going to be "an unusually long total lunar eclipse" today.
Basically, every continent except North America will get a view. Adding to the celestial drama: Spaceweather.com says "exhaust from the erupting volcano in Chile could alter the appearance of the eclipse." The moon may look darker than in other eclipses.
Now, for those who can't go out to watch, there's this option: the Sky Watchers Association of North Bengal, India, is hosting a live webcast.
Check it out:

Watch live streaming video from swansiliguri at livestream.com

For more information and the complete Blog from NPR follow the Link:  NPR News Blog
This post is actually more for the sake of my nephew, Henry, but enjoy the intrigue nonetheless.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Simple - reflections and observations

Watched two buddhist monks in full traditional garb lightly tread ground as they walked to the back of a multicolored Thai Food Cart in South Austin with their friend, the spitfire owner, a small but tough (and funny as hell) older lady of Thai descent - all smiling. It reminded me to reopen some buddhist literature and philosophy of younger days. Albert Camus, thoughts on absurdism, and my recent rereading of The Stranger linger in my head as well. Readings and thoughts and ration that have long been familiar to me, available to me, read and reread, and yet seem newly found once again.
As to the inherent meaning of life that humanity is endlessly in longing for (you know, the one that doesn't exist yet has spawned infinite philosophical theory, formal organization and alignment, academia and absolutism of all sorts, religions, more religions, etc.)
The whole point, the purpose itself, is to escape pain (inherent in humanity and life) and to find Happiness - this IS the meaning in itself (or at least the only one feasibly available to human capacity) - the discovery OF meaning for oneself. That's it. It is most definitely a subjective experience that must be had as such, but oddly there is a communal consistency throughout humankind and history OF that experience.
Hmmm? It seems so simple.
How do i keep forgetting? Not simple.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Morning Jacket, Gideon - A Song for the Day

Watch My Morning Jacket perform live, May 31 2011

Indie rock darlings My Morning Jacket will debut their new album Circuital in style: with a performance in Louisville, Kentucky’s historic Palace Theatre. No ticket? No problem. Watch the performance live on youtube.com/mymorningjacketvevo.

The show marks the next installment of the original music series UNSTAGED, in partnership with American Express and VEVO. UNSTAGED pairs bands with iconic film directors to create one-of-a-kind live performances.

Director Todd Haynes (Velvet GoldmineI’m Not There) will conduct the show. Haynes has been engaged with pop music throughout his career, crafting films that have frequently looked at music icons through an unusual lens: inVelvet Goldmine, he approached glam rock through the guise of a fictional, Bowie-like rock star named Brian Slade. In I’m Not There, six different actors inhabit or embody Bob Dylan’s many-faceted career. A subtle provocateur, Haynes has always looked to transgress social norms in his work.

As an indie band that often flirts with experimental elements, My Morning Jacket are a natural match for Haynes. The group burst onto the scene in 2001 with the release of their sophomore album At Dawn. Alt country had become the fashion among many northern rock bands, but as native southerners, these Kentucky boys came by their twang honestly. When they drenched it in oceans of reverb, what could have been relatively straightforward country rock verged on otherworldly.
Over the years, the band has evolved, experimenting with neo-psychedelia, reggae and progressive rock and even emulating Prince. Circuital sees the band returning to its early influences -- and returning home to Louisville to perform in the Palace Theatre, an ornate Spanish Baroque-style theater built in 1924. The theater oozes with atmosphere: the trompe l’oeil ceiling looks like an open sky, and a “hall of faces” features over a hundred sculptures of Socrates, Beethoven, Dante and more. The venue also has amazing acoustics -- and, according to some reports, a ghost...
Follow the Links for more info:  YouTube Blog
My Morning Jacket Official Site - New Album, Circuital

Friday, June 10, 2011

Filmmaker Quotes and Video: Stan Brakhage

Imagine an eye unruled by man-made laws of perspective, and unprejudiced by compositional logic, an eye which does not respond to the name of everything but which must know each object encountered in life through an adventure of perception.

Stan Brakhage, from Metaphors on Vision

One of my favorite Brakhage pieces.