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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Journal of Austin Series, Part 2: Natural Landscapes

above image by Meghann Sumner

Photo Journal of Austin Series, Part 2: Natural Landscapes
The following photographs were taken at McKinney Falls State Park, just 10-15 miles South of Austin, which served as a brilliant welcome and a wake-up to the Texas terrain. Our new natural frontier is both familiar and foreign to me in many regards, but is indeed, without a doubt... Texas (an easy to forget notion when living within the city lines of Austin, but hard to deny when stepping 5 miles out.) I highly recommend the park to all visitors and locals, but must warn against the mundane and poorly marked hiking trails. Otherwise, the public access areas that you see below were extraordinary and excellent for natural photography (also, imagery that begs to be shot as location for motion film) - and we visited during dry season. Austin has no lack of public water access, many of which are natural sources, and all of which are well maintained - an excellent city perk. Enjoy the images and thanks to Meghann and Luke for the contribution.

Images by Meghann Summner:

Images by Luke Bruehlman:

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