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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Limits of Control, by Jim Jarmusch - Reopen the dialogue?

The Limits of Control (2009), the newest film by Jim Jarmusch, opened last May (in US limited release, of course) to poor critical reviews and was subsequently swept under the rug - with very little legitimate discourse or critical contemplation. I will be screening the film soon, for the first time, and am still quite excited, regardless of the initial reception (as i am with each Jarmusch film). I cannot imagine that the collaboration of Jarmusch, one of the true active American auteurs, and cinematographer, Christopher Doyle (renowned for his masterful work with Wong Kar-Wai), did not produce some level of cinematic excellence or curiosity - we'll see. Considering the quick dismissal of the film, I cannot help but to reflect on the flat reception of last year's Synecdoche, NY, Charlie Kaufman's directorial debut - one of the truly brilliant films of the year that was simply too complex, conceptually and narratively, for critics or the general viewing audience to fully appreciate. I have read the reviews consistently citing the complete lack of narrative in Jarmusch's latest, though I'm quite certain it is an intentional deconstruction of narrative or exercise in minimalist observation. I'm anxious to find out, and will post a response. Perhaps, the dialogue should be reopened on The Limits of Control.


Heather said...

Did you watch this yet?

tod gorman said...

Not yet, but probably this week. I'll post my thoughts soon after. I will be truly surprised if I agree with the critics.