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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ohhh, Those 'South Park' Boys - In Trouble Again...

Two recent “South Park” episodes on Comedy Central satirized the Prophet Muhammad — one, showing Muhammad in a bear costume, left, elicited an ominous message from an Islamic group.

I would love to comment on the most recent 'South Park' vs Muhammed controversy and all of the absurdity that swarms around it - not to mention the old fashioned censorship (though possibly well intentioned for care of Matt and Trey, but I doubt it) - but I think it has been well taken care of by the media circus, blog world, and beyond. Follow the link below to watch the video of John Stewart's logical, masterful rant that pretty much covers it all:

Jon Stewart 'South Park' Rant On 'The Daily Show' Watch Entire Rant Here [VIDEO]

Below is a link to the NY Times article that covers the entire affair, just in case someone, somehow has missed it.

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