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Monday, April 5, 2010

Anti-Poetry by Jacob Mertens

Jacob is a film student, writer, and close personal friend. This and the next post are a couple of his recent writings. He considers them to be relatively playful pieces, none taken too seriously. I think they're quite good, and have a bit more than that to them. Not to mention, they're really F'n funny. Enjoy and thanks to Jacob for letting me post them. Follow the link on the post-title to go to his blog.

Fuck poetry

Sifting through the vomit of

Saints, and holding their random

Thoughts to light like spider webs

Sticking to my fingers

Fuck you Whitman, Dickinson, Hughes, Ginsberg

I have enough thoughts of my own

Yeah but my thoughts aren't ugly

Beautiful, they aren't crazed

Mad meditations of sand traps, they

Don't fit in iambic pentameter, I don't

know what iambic pentameter is,

Someone told me once and I

Thought "Huh, is that all?"

And promptly forgot

And pretty scenery, haikus with

Hummingbirds and damp rain, ah don't

It fill your soul with radio broadcasted enlightened

Microwaves, yeah I don't even

Know what that means, but I can make

It so I know that's all I'm saying

And the scenery--

How's a table with a trash bag filled with clothes, a mess of opened and unopened mail, how's a house full of cats that aren't mine sleeping, and the weeds in the back so overgrown they crawl over the glass and Son House muttering monologues over the computer and a refrigerator full of real estate agent magnets and pictures of distant family members that I've probably never talked to unless I have and I've forgotten and frankly that's no better and jugs of purified water because the tap probably has cancer and one stupid fucking fly stuttering around reenacting imagined scenes from the Red Baron and buzzing his filtered Nazi propaganda that he learned from the History Channel and if there was a smell I'd be used to it by now and running down the other five senses I got sight sound smell touch taste and I've only done two but the others are boring so fuck it right along with everything else.

Poetry is too serious anyway, I'm

too serious anyway, anything's too serious

Anyway and it's Words. You know what

Else is words--

A is for Aardvark

B is for Bear

C is for Cougar

D is for Deer

E is for Elephant

Is that poetry, cause that I like

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