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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Arts & Crass: The Highbrow Lowbrow Film Podcast - with Cullen and Tod

The Highbrow Lowbrow Film Podcast with Cullen Wade and Tod Gorman
Tod (arthouse film-school rebel) and Cullen (cultured gorehound) subject each other to films they wouldn't watch otherwise.
WARNING: All films are spoiled!

It's about this simple:  Tod loves arthouse films. 
                                   Cullen loves horror films. 
                                   Tod hasn't seen many horror films. 
                                   Cullen hasn't seen many arthouse films. 
                                   Cultural exchange ensues.

That's right, yours truly and Cullen Wade, good friend/fellow cinephile (aka film nerd) and biab contributor, have been recording and broadcasting a BRILLIANTLY UNIQUE (ummm?) film podcast for nearly a year now.  Yes, I am just now getting it posted to the blog.

It has been engaging, educational, cinematically challenging and an all around positive experience. Actually, to ruin any cool I may have about personal projects, I'm  having a blast with this one.  What better forum could a hopeless film nerd ask for? - especially counter to one of my elite favorite film-banter partners.  And now I can at least fake some level of savvy dirty knowledge of cult horror/gore with the best of them - well, at least not sound like a complete dumdum for about five minutes of passionate horror-film chat.
You actually could have heard us discuss all of this and much more in the episode 10 anniversary round-up, had we not so very sadly lost episodes 7-11 in the ever fatal mac hard-drive crash (unedited and not backed up - that's right, kids).  So, there are technically 13 episodes, one of which is a two-part special edition, and two more soon to be posted (however, 6 episodes shall remain a mystery, at least for the time being - there is an unpublished pilot/Ep.1).  So, that's 16 episodes minus 6 for a soon to be grand total of 10 released episodes.  Wow, that was probably unnecessary.

I will continue to embed each episode as a running series on boy in a box, but you can find all episodes streaming or as downloads at Arts & Crass: The Highbrow Lowbrow Film Podcast blog, on iTunes, Facebook and a handful of other places.  As with any venture, I'm sure we got off to a rocky start, being relatively new to voice radio, but we hit our stride relatively quickly and naturally (i think).  We have quite a few less "ums" and "uhs" than early on, and ever evolving dialogue and cinematic analysis - with heart.  Hope you enjoy - at least a little.

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