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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fellowman - Sobriety (Official Video) - boy in a box productions

- directed by tod gorman and co-produced by boy in a box productions
- other well deserved credits included below the video 

Published on May 10, 2016
Directed & edited by:  Tod Gorman (boy in a box productions)
Shot by:  Arthur Crafaik & Tod Gorman
Starring:  Joe Roberts, Harli Saxon, Bernard Hankins, Michael Monroe, Tracy Saxon, Mike White, Louis Hampton, Phil Green, Jon Fields, Dillon Koon, Ohmar, Addison Dodds and Fellowman.

Budget:  $0 - $100
Locations:  Charlottesville, VA

Fellowman - Raw Data Vol. 1 mixtape available now at http://fellowmanrap.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: Spititout Inc
Instagram: fellowman_spititout
Twitter: Spititout_inc

Special thanks to Joseph Roberts (introducing and starring), Arthur Crafaik (camera, production and all around go-to), Tracy, Bernard, Mike, Mike, Lou, Jon, Ohmar, Addison, Dillon, Harli, 
D Johnson, Ed and all of the many extras and friends that assisted generously with their time and talents, and, of course, Cullen - for driving the creative process and project, and for offering us some real hip-hop with soul.

For further info and music by Fellowman, I highly encourage you to visit the following links.
Link to Fellowman Bandcamp page:  http://fellowmanrap.bandcamp.com/releases

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