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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Jaunt (a short film by tod gorman) - Original Score, Poster/One-Sheet and Trailer

The Jaunt Original Score (written by Steve Raney and Tod Gorman)

This is the original Film Score for The Jaunt, a short film - based on the Stephen King short story - that I directed and edited. Seemingly endless post-production will wrap this month, and we hope to be screening in festivals by fall.
There are two tracks:

- The Electronic Film Score (opening and body of film): composed by Steve Raney, a good friend and gifted electronic musician/DJ extraordinaire based out of Brooklyn, NY.

- Final Track (end credits): composed by Steve and myself. Recorded by Ben Privott/Acoustic guitar by Tod Gorman/ Vocal humming by Tod Gorman and Brendan Carter/ Electronic tracks and Keys by Steve Raney.

The Jaunt Original Trailer (by Nick Smith)

Poster Designs by Nick Smith.

The Jaunt is presented by Bad Trip Film and Boy in a Box Productions, in conjunction with UNCW Film Studies and Stephen King's Dollar Baby Program.


Benicio said...

I saw the trailer for this on youtube, and it looks very interesting. Has the movie been completed already? And more importantly will is be available for viewing on the internet at some point? This is one Stephen King short story that definitely needs to be made into a movie.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the trailer. "The Jaunt" is one of my favorite Stephen King stories and a movie adaptation is long overdue. When will this be available for viewing? Keep up the good work.