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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today's Total Eclipse Of The Moon: How To Watch - NPR News Blog

Those of us in North America won't be able to see it happen "live," but if all goes well we can catch a webcast of what's going to be "an unusually long total lunar eclipse" today.
Basically, every continent except North America will get a view. Adding to the celestial drama: Spaceweather.com says "exhaust from the erupting volcano in Chile could alter the appearance of the eclipse." The moon may look darker than in other eclipses.
Now, for those who can't go out to watch, there's this option: the Sky Watchers Association of North Bengal, India, is hosting a live webcast.
Check it out:

Watch live streaming video from swansiliguri at livestream.com

For more information and the complete Blog from NPR follow the Link:  NPR News Blog
This post is actually more for the sake of my nephew, Henry, but enjoy the intrigue nonetheless.

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