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Monday, August 3, 2015

Graduation Advice from 'the peoples' pervert' - John Waters’ RISD 2015 Commencement Speech

Why can't we all be so lucky as to have a brilliantly twisted mad man of this caliber to offer us advice upon graduation from art school/film school?  The Class of 2015 at RISD was treated with face to face guidance from the master of transgressive independent cinema himself, John Waters.  I can't even remember who spoke at my graduation. Wait, was I even at my graduation?  Hmm?  Can't remember that either.  Enjoy, and be sure to watch the video posted below.

Link to full article:  Addicting Info - Best Graduation Advice Ever: "Go Out Into The World And F*ck It Up Beautifully"

If you don’t have time to watch Waters’ entire 12-minute speech, here are the top 13 take-aways.
  1. Get used to rejection: “Hopefully you have been taught never to fear rejection in the workplace. Remember, a no is free.”
  2. Find your partners in crime: “A career in the arts is like a hitchhiking trip. All you need is one person to say “Get in” and off you go. And then the confidence begins.”
  3. Stay inspired: “If you’re a visual artist, go see the shows in the galleries that are frantically competing to find the one bad neighborhood left in Manhattan to open up in.”
  4. Ask you’d make something better: “Watch every movie that gets a negative review in the New York Times and figure out what the director did wrong.”
  5. Keep informed: “Read, read, read!”
  6. Learn from your enemies: “Listen to your political enemies, especially the smart ones, and then figure out a way to make them laugh.”
  7. Hone your sense of humor: “Humor is always the best defense and weapon. If you can make an idiot laugh, they’ll at least pause and listen before they do something stupid – to you.”
  8. Use the world for artistic inspiration: “Watch people on the streets. Spy, be nosy, eavesdrop.”
  9. Stay open to new things: “As you get older, you’ll need youth spies that will keep you abreast of new music that nobody has heard of yet.”
  10. Don’t hate rich people: “They’re not all awful. Believe me, I know some evil poor people, too. We need some rich people: Who else is going to back our movies or buy our art?”
  11. Use technology wisely: “Outrage outdated critics. Use technology for transgression, not lazy social living.”
  12. Screw what others think: “Design clothes so hideous that they can’t be worn ironically.”
  13. Do something fabulous: “Go out into the world and f*ck it up beautifully.”

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