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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meet the Black Squirrel: The Ark in Space - Images of intrigue and Blog of Interest

This is the black squirrel. Out of the squirrel population of the United States and Canada perhaps only one in ten thousand is black. However, this is not a separate species in itself. It is in fact a sub-group of the grey squirrel and, little by little their numbers are growing. In fact in some areas they outnumber the greys. However, this black coloring is not a recent trend among the squirrel community – research indicates that in the days before the European settlement of the America the black squirrel was probably much more numerous than the grey. 

I think that it has become apparent that i am slightly, and inexplicably, intrigued by squirrels. However, these little guys are pretty interesting regardless. On another "squirrel" note, i have discovered that the squirrels in Texas are the toughest, most independent, seemingly intelligent squirrels around - they have my full respects. I will post a few pics of our local gang soon.
And, yes, i am quite aware that this post has absolutely nothing to do with film, media, music, or even social/political affairs - maybe justified as photography. Oh well, i like squirrels. Follow the link below for more pictures and information on these fascinating critters.

Link/Blog of Interest:  The Ark in Space: A Compendium of Creatures

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