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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hank Hill - Quote for the Day

Season 8 » Episode #02 - Reborn To Be WildFirst Aired: Nov. 09, 2003

Summary: Bobby starts to hang out with a Christian Rock group. Hank is okay with it, but reconsiders when Bobby's attitude changes. 

Context:  First, note the aired date and try to remember (however painful) the scourge of christian "rock" bands that were hijacking the airwaves - weirdest and most uncomfortable rock trend ever, particularly when aligned with "new metal" (the second worse).  
Hank confronts Pastor K (covered in christian skin-art, long black hair, black/triangle soul patch, leather pants, and wailing god-praise from behind a screeching guitar) when he becomes a negative influence on Bobby and delivers this brilliant line:

"Can't you see you're not making christianity better, you're just making rock n roll worse."  - Hank Hill

I Laughed furiously upon hearing this for the first time recently, and highly encourage all christian rock bands to take note - great wisdom lies here.  And, I get the feeling that this is one of those pieces of dialogue that is directly from the mind of Mike Judge.  
Mike Judge has long had my full respect, since the earliest days of Beavis and Butt-Head and on through King of the Hill and his feature films.  However, upon moving to Austin TX, somehow King of the Hill has become twice as funny and satirically relevant.  Now I know why those Whataburger signs in the background are so hilarious. Oh yeah, Mike Judge is from Austin and the show is about as Texas suburbia perfect as it gets.

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Dru chiusano said...

this is true i love hank hill he is always spot on this show possibly couldnt be any more like real life