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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blogs of Interest - Flickeringmyth.com, and The Frustrated Ramblings of an Aspiring Filmmaker

Frustrated Ramblings: 3D - The Future of Cinema?

DJ Haza with more "Frustrated Ramblings Of An Aspiring Filmmaker"...
3D seems to be the next big thing in cinematic leaps forward, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Bullets seemingly fly past your head, explosions leap off the screen and the film world surrounds you in three different dimensions. Or so we are led to believe. Is 3D the eye-watering future of cinema or a cinematic gimmick that just makes your eyes water?

There have been some real big endorsements of 3D in film with James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) smashing all box office records and Martin Scorsese telling The Guardian of his admiration for 3D. The Oscar-winning Mr. Scorsese told Mark Kermode, “I always liked 3D. I mean we are sitting here in 3D. We are in 3D. We see 3D. So why not?” Scorsese has just finished shooting his most recent project, Hugo Cabret, which unusually for him is a family friendly film and his first shot in 3D. Scorsese has stated that it has allowed him to “rethink cinema” and has “liberated” his filmmaking. He continues by assuring film fans that he hasn’t resorted to using the new technology as a “gimmick”. Only time will tell.

James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) is hailed by some as the pinnacle of 3D after its huge success at box office’s worldwide. Some even say it redefined cinema and dawned a new age of 3D filmmaking. However, the story was appalling in my opinion and no matter how much CGI, 3D or other effects were thrown at me I was bored. Five minutes in I had lost all faith in the film and it was never reinstated. My eyes grew sore, my patience thin and I wanted the film to end as soon as possible. To this day this is my only real 3D cinematic experience and I couldn’t care if it was my last...

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For more from DJ Haza, you can follow the link to his blog: The Frustrated Ramblings of an Aspiring Filmmaker.

Always happy to have insightful support on one of my paramount (pardon the pun) vexations with contemporary cinema. Indeed, Cameron is a gray-haired techie with an elementary mind for story (to say the least) and a 4 yr old's egocentric sense of self. He has never, by any stretch or assertion, aspired to artistic innovation or thematic wisdom (except perhaps in his own mind's eye). Yet, his cause for 3D imagery and video game ascetic has universally captivated the studio interests - and giving lobotomized children a warhead, calling it a toy, and asking them to be creative with it is never a good idea. As for Scorsese, Burton, and other self-aware filmmakers embracing the new notion of three dimensions in cinema, i am bewildered and a bit saddened. The illusion has always been there, by the way (an integral function of cinematic artistry) - the new 3D simply puts your creative mind to rest with less participation and honest stimulation. That's right, Cameron and the studios are assuming the audience (YOU and ME) stupid and inadequate to play a participatory role in the cinematic experience, and, as of yet, they have not been proven wrong by the masses. Thanks to DJ Haza and Flickeringmyth for the "Frustrated Ramblings." I feel your pain.

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