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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cannes Update - Rubber - A Film About a Psychic Tire of Terror

That's right. It's a film about a killer Tire with psychic powers that terrorizes people before exploding their heads (Scanners style), or something of that sort. And Yes, it is an official selection to Cannes Film Festival 2010. Upon first hearing the summary of the film, my initial reaction was a slight chuckle and grimace. It sounds like another low-budget, niche horror film in a genre so depleted of original concept and innovation that it has resorted to yet another killer, inanimate object - and all that is left in the ideas box is a mundane rubber tire (just the rubber part, not even a rim). Certainly it will try to salvage credibility with a self-referential, semi-parodic tone (like so many today, attempting to follow Rami's Evil Dead paradigm to no avail) - as if awareness of the genre failings is enough to justify them. Maybe they're thinking that the youth market and DVD sales will make money regardless of how ridiculous it is - pretty common approach. Then I remembered - It's an official selection to Cannes - plenty to lend it credibility of some sort, and just weird enough of a coupling to peak my interest - so I gave it a more thorough glance. Of course, it actually looks very interesting with quality production value and a potentially unique story - it might be badass. Written, shot, and directed by Quentin Dupieu (but he sometimes goes by Mr Oizo - check out his music under this pseudonym), it premiers Saturday May 15 . Follow the links for more info and stills and check out the trailer below.

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